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Jasper, Ryker & Jordan 3 way! Jasper Robinson’s Day Off XXX Parody

In our last parody we did (Jasper Robinson’s Day Off) we paired Jasper Robinson, Ryker Madison & Jordan Thomas together for a sizzling hot 3 some! Jasper was the bottom (of course) along with Jordan & Ryker who tag teamed him or what they call spit roasted him and took turns on that ass! It starts off in “Hanks Hookah Cafe” where the boys are talking about letting Ryker join in on some fun with Jordan and Jasper, Ryker doesn’t get the slang and Jasper pulls him over and lets him know the deal. The boys undress Ryker and well the magic happens with big cocks tight holes and fucking galore!

Jasper, Jordan, & Ryker FUCK – Jasper Robinsons Day Off, a xxx parody brought to you by PornHub



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Talk Nerdy To Me!

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Talk Nerdy to Me

DOP: 2/8/13

These quiet nerdy boys might seem awkward in public but they get freaky behind closed doors. Watch as chess players, gamers, students, and the most recent meeting of the high schools geek club end in naked nerds fucking each others’ brains out. They keep things hot and heavy from start to finish; you won’t want to miss a second of their hot geeky action. Starring Jasper Robinson, Ryker Madison, Conner Bradley, Ryan Daley, Jax Marnell, Robbie Anthony, and more!

Director, Andy Kay says, “Nerd culture has exploded on the internet, so it’s only fair that we create a tribute to that through the little part of the ‘net that we control. “Talk Nerdy to Me” is just that; a hot condom-less movie with cute boys in thick glasses and all the cum guzzling and ass-fucking that you could want . . .”

“Our boys look adorable in bow-ties, black rim glasses, suspenders and those propeller hats (some of them wear some of that in their personal lives, talking about you Ryan Daley), so we dressed them up and set them loose on each other. Check out these hot scenes directed by Andy Kay and filmed by him and Phillip Ashton.”

Baretwinks Talk Nerdy to Me Trailer brought to you by PornHub

Fleshjacks & Pool Parties with Andrew Brenton & Ryker Madison

Who doesn’t love a good pool party and fleshjack? Andrew Brenton & Ryker Madison clearly do 😉 The boys have a little pool fun and are like little mermaids kissing under the water and swimming around in circles making bubbles etc. They head inside where they have their new fleshjacks ready to play with and pump each others cocks. Im not going to give away to much info cause you can see the full scene on BoyCrush but I can say is that they blow a HUGE load all over their toys, then make out and the scene ends. Happy jacking and enjoy this scene crushies!

Andrew & Ryker Underwater Preview Fleshjack Scene brought to you by PornHub



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