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The latest from BoyCrush: Nathan Stratus & Alan Parish

I love this picture. Andy Kay doing his thing. Alan Parish and BoyCrush exclusive Nathan Stratus doing theirs.

Alan Parish is a cute little cardinal and the boy likes to sing! During the shoot week, I’d be trying to pull myself together in the morning to the sound of him singing show tunes. (He sang “Defying Gravity” from Wicked, which I’ll admit is a personal favourite). As a Vancouver-born Canadian, I sometimes get my American geography a little confused; I always assumed North Carolina was, well, north. Alan really surprised me with his southern accent, I love that twang. Cute gingers are almost as elusive as unicorns and there’s even less evidence they exist. So many things can go wrong, but when it’s all right? It’s alllriiight, for real. (Much like a unicorn, if i hadn’t ever seen Kennedy Carter in person with my own eyes, I would have called photoshop).

Fairly certain Alan climbed up there in hopes we’d call the fire department to get him down.

While we were shooting b-roll by the pool before the scene, we had a bit of an unexpected visitor. I was watching Andy direct Alan and Nathan when from behind me a man asked, “what’re you guys doing?” I turned around abruptly to face a confused but curious man standing at the fence.


What ARE we doing?

Mr. Kay saved the day when he bounced over and told the guy we were shooting a project for school. “If anyone asks, we’re always shooting a school project,” Andy told me when the innocent civilian finally wandered off. If you ask me, he seemed a little too curious in Alan and Nathan as they made out in the pool. I can’t blame him, though, I’d be staring with my jaw on the floor if I saw boys mackin’ in their skank-suits. I’ve also got a short video of the boys shooting by the pool…plus a little something extra, heh.

I’m not sure if Nathan knows I took that video of him or not, haha. I love a good booty-shake (and I love you, Nathan! forgive me!)

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Erynn Vaehne