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Jasper, Ryker & Jordan 3 way! Jasper Robinson’s Day Off XXX Parody

In our last parody we did (Jasper Robinson’s Day Off) we paired Jasper Robinson, Ryker Madison & Jordan Thomas together for a sizzling hot 3 some! Jasper was the bottom (of course) along with Jordan & Ryker who tag teamed him or what they call spit roasted him and took turns on that ass! It starts off in “Hanks Hookah Cafe” where the boys are talking about letting Ryker join in on some fun with Jordan and Jasper, Ryker doesn’t get the slang and Jasper pulls him over and lets him know the deal. The boys undress Ryker and well the magic happens with big cocks tight holes and fucking galore!

Jasper, Jordan, & Ryker FUCK – Jasper Robinsons Day Off, a xxx parody brought to you by PornHub



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