Andy Kay

Andy Kay has been fervidly involved in the gay porn industry since October, 2008. As a model he’s filmed everywhere from Helix Studios to Lucas Entertainment and has participated in over 15 DVD titles. One year after his modeling career took off, Andy took his experience in drama and film and began working behind the scenes for Boycrush Studios. Since then, he’s directed, written, and starred in several feature length DVD releases including Boycrush’s “Twinkblood” which was nominated for 4 awards and gained huge commercial success in the gay porn world. Andy continues to write and direct for Boycrush Studios as well as their newest project, “Phoenixxx Studios” which he directs for on his own.

Aside from production, Andy has also worked to promote full panel HIV testing industry-wide. His “Safe Sex Campaign” has over 10,000 views on youtube and is still growing. Andy is also a part time electronic music DJ and producer in Phoenix and uses those talents to produce music for Boycrush Studio’s feature length movies and trailers. See more from Andy at his personal blog.

Erynn Vaehne

“They say the human body is made up of almost 70% water. I say the rest of my body is made up of gay porn.”

Erynn Vaehne saw her first gay porn clip at the tender age of fifteen after figuring out you really could just click “yes” when those porn sites tried to verify you were of legal age. Destiny came in the form of two gorgeous Falcon-bred young men fucking on a lounge chair next to a pool. Who knew all it took was ten minutes of sweaty, grunting man-on-man sex to know what you wanted to do with the rest of your life?
A year shy of a decade later and gay porn is still the sole, burning passion of Erynn’s life. Determined to get her hands as dirty and covered in lube as possible; she hopes to write, model-wrangle, direct, and edit in the future. Top or bottom? I guess you could say she’s versatile.

Erynn can credit her entrance into the industry to a short essay she wrote warning Brent Corrigan about her toothed vagina.

Gay porn aside, Erynn is an Aquarian who can never say no to a shot of tequila. She’s also a sucker for bad music and tasty food. She abhors cotton balls and marionettes. If the whole gay porn thing doesn’t work out, she intends to fall back on her career choice as a four year old…and become a pony when she grows up.

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