Where The Wild Twinks Are A XXX Parody. Exclusive Preview!

In this trailer we have Max (Benjamin Riley) taking a walk home from school, jamming out to music when up ahead he sees a group of boys he wants to avoid. Jasper Robinson, Ryker Madison & Jordan Thomas. The boys spot him and start yelling for him and Jordan picks up a rock, chucks it right at Max’s head and hits him dead on in the head. Max falls and his glasses drop into the water, the boys then chase him and beat his ass. Max’s dad (Collin Stone) is waiting for him and hears commotion outside and looks out his front window, he sees Max getting beat up and doesn’t help him at all. This is just a preview of whats to come in the DVD so be sure to buy the DVD when its available at BoyCrush Store on Halloween!

Where the Wild Twinks Are – XXX parody Behind the Scenes brought to you by PornHub

We had so many behind the scenes clips that we could only pick a few to show you, these two being from the scene where the boys Alex Jordan, Billy London, JR Adams & Jason Valencia have Max (Benjamin Riley) all tied up asking him questions and Benjamin wants to throw a country “y’all” in the mix instead of “you” which had all of us dying laughing. Then we wanted to get reactions from Alex and JR and we had a giggle cause the breeze was blowing hard and Alex was like it feels so good and its airing out my asshole! These are just a few of the fun laughs we had in Sedona for this movie!

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