How Your Masturbation Habits Support America’s Infrastructure and You (Social and Economic Benefits of Porn and the Adult Industry)

by Andy Kay
June 10, 2013

If you read any news blog (liberal or conservative), you’ve probably seen several posts about porn’s detrimental effect on relationships, marriages, and your mind. I agree on some level, too much of anything can’t be good (however, the comments about porn hurting relationships due to the “attractiveness” of the models, I think is just built on the complainants insecurities about their own bodies). Anyway, This post isn’t about that. This post is for those of you who’ve wondered what good things come out of purchasing and watching porn.

Since I already delved into the social aspect a little bit, lets start with that. Here’s the question, one that will help us better understand how porn can be beneficial: Why do we like watching porn?


Although many groups disagree on the meaning on most of their findings on the subject, all of them agree on the following: Porn has an effect on the brain similar to someone giving you a handy j. It’s also similar to doing cocaine and other drugs that make you experience a “high.” The reason for this is dopamine. Dopamine is essential to the brain when experiencing pleasure, learning, punishment and reward, and even movement. The same process is at work in the brain when watching porn. As images are viewed arousal occurs. That is, dopamine is beginning to be released in the brain. As with certain drugs, dopamine can be released even in the anticipation of watching porn, the same as the anticipation one might feel before having sex.

That being said, no one thinks about that sort of stuff before dropping their pants and heading to their favorite website. Everyone has their specific tastes when it comes to porn and although some might let it affect their personal relationships, I think most of us just consider it a small part of life. Now that the why is answered, lets talk about what porn can do to aid your personal sexual experiences and/or your relationship.


That answers to that question are pretty logical. Watching porn can give you ideas you wouldn’t have thought of on your own and can lead to a more enjoyable sexual experience. First, you could learn and imitate new positions you see in porn videos which can lead to new sensations and a fun sexual experience with your partner. Not just positions, but techniques as well. Also, as those of us who used this scheme to get into straight boys pants in junior high school, the influence of porn movies can help enable both parties become active.


Next, porn can stimulate arousal in partners who have trouble getting into it. If you’re strong in your relationship and your self-esteem, this option can be a healthy way to light the spark, so to speak. Lastly, watching porn can lead to a more intense orgasm and ejaculation.

Porn isn’t necessary the “standard” before creating the beast with two backs. Like I said before, too much of a good thing isn’t healthy. However, the methods we discussed in this section can definitely be a benefit as well to those looking to spice things up and increase the pleasure they experience during sexual intercourse and masturbation. Don’t be afraid to try new things, you’ll never know before you try!


The US Government and Justice System have shown a long history of protecting porn and parody laws. Its little wonder why, porn generates about $1 billion a year in the US alone. That means the industry makes more than the revenues of the top technology companies combined (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink.[1]) Also, since 12% of the Internet has at least some pornographic content on it, its safe to say that there’s a pretty hefty supply and demand which isn’t to be ignored.

Now, that doesn’t mean their in LOVE with the industry. Congressman from both sides have talked negatively about porn. When Hustler’s Larry Flynt asked for a bailout, he was given a swift “No,” (and I suspect then laughed out of the room.) Either way, porn isn’t tax exempt for the large part and since we haven’t even gotten into the Cam side of things yet, I’d say that porn is going to be free to grow and develop as an industry for a long time. As far as benefits go, the revenues of porn speak for themselves as do its creation of jobs and more. So keep jerking it people, porn loves you just as much as you love it.


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  1. I doubt relationships are destroyed by porn or viewing sexual acts by others in film. If that was the case, every relationship would be killed by watching any movie that was sexually inclined.
    It’s a fantasy and rarely about ones personal life, its simply fun.

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