Jason and Jasper Get Wild in the Desert

As a midwest boy, I haven’t quite gotten tired of the Arizona heat and (in my opinion) the gorgeous expanses of desert that are never too far from mountains or large rock formations. Although our “desert hitchhiker” movie had to be pushed to the fall, we still took a late afternoon with Jasper Robinson, Jason Valencia, and Phillip Ashton (to help film) to this semi-secluded spot I happen to know of about an hour from our studio. We parked up there, took some fantastic photos and filmed a great scene that proves we’re ready for the hot forest scenes we’re filming next week in a more Northern Part of the state. That movie, btw, is definitely something you should stay tuned via our Twitter and Tumblr as we’ll be posting previews and hints to what we’re doing as early as Monday (May 27th). You’re going to LOVE it.

Anywho, enjoy this preview from the upcoming Jason and Jasper desert scene and make sure to check it out when it drops real soon on Boycrush.com! – Andy Kay

Jason and Jasper Desert Play Boycrush brought to you by PornHub

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