Captain Americock: The Twink Avenger

– Andy Kay, Director – Boycrush and Phoenixxx Studios

After a week of posting our little hearts out on twitter and 5 top-notch days of filming, I hope you guys are as excited about Captain Americock (a xxx parody) as I am. This was (by far) the best and easiest shoot week we’ve had all year. No shoot took longer than it needed and even the sometimes complicated dialogue was completed fairly quickly.

Ok, I’ll admit it, I cheated.

With an all-star cast like Kyler Moss, Krys Perez, Dustin Fitch, Conner Bradley, Anthony Evans, Robbie Anthony, and brand new local hunk, Austin Ried, you can’t really have many disasters. All of these boys really flexed their acting (and in some cases fighting) abilities and it will undoubtedly be our best production so far. I look back on movies like Twinkblood and others that we’ve done and I feel an incredible wave of accomplishment that we’ve gone from one . . . interestingly decorated (and bright blue) vampire lair to four very nice looking sets and more b-roll filming around the city. There’s a part where Kyler Moss runs through a nearby College’s hallway in nothing but a lab coat screaming over the phone. I think you’ll dig it.

I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but I did want to talk about some of the characters and some of the great stuff you can expect from the finished product. First, our hero, Steve (in his normal twink form)/Captain Americock played by Austin Ried. He’s a Phoenix local who I met at a shoot for He was eager to show me that he was a good model and definitely eager to work. With his VERY nice body; big dick; and light, sandy hair; he was the perfect choice to play that role. His acting was limited and I remember him telling me after the first few shoots that during the first scene with Anthony Evans, he thought, “What am I doing here, I can’t act . . .” His acting was great, however, and he played the transition from lazy, unkept Steve to the Captain Americock you’re sure to love.

Speaking of the plot, I changed some of the ideas of the original movie to match our company and the boys that work for it. They were great sports, by the way. The script is not just a parody of the famous comic strip, but a parody of twinks themselves and what would happen if someone enhanced the power that every twink has inside of them (whether they know it or not) and used it for good . . . or for evil.

Again, speaking of evil, Dustin Fitch’s character, Red Skullfuck, is just the kind of menace you’d expect him to be and Dustin plays the part perfectly. His incredibly thick dick surprised more than one model during the movie, as most of them hadn’t met him. This shoot was also one of the few where everyone really got along and worked together to make things go smoothly. The twinks I work with the most are the ones who can think ahead, prepare themselves for shoots on time and help their scene partners do the same.

You also may notice from the shot below that there’s a kick ass fight scene in the movie. It was our first and it turned out pretty fantastic. Conner Bradley even got himself a little bloodied up being a little stuntman which only made the scene look more real.

Krys Perez was a model I really wanted for this movie because of his previous work acting in porn. He really fit the part of Dr. Krys Perez Franko (which also rolls off the tongue pretty well) and acted well, to no ones surprise. His death scene was pretty rockin’ too. As he can tell you, getting stabbed by Kyler Moss isn’t fun.

Lastly, Kyler Moss plays himself in the little slutty character who does a lot of running and a LOT of fucking in this movie. He starts (again) tied up and ready to be taken advantage of. Kyler Moss lovers will not be disappointed as he gets fucked by Dustin Fitch and Austin Ried in different scenes.

That’s about all I have for you for now. Please submit your questions about the movie to and I’ll answer them on my blog. Keep following my twitter as well to keep yourselves posted on the movie and everything else we’re doing.

<3 Andy Kay

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