If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, Jacob Marteny’s wank and interview is now live on BoyCrush.

At eighteen years old, and as a newcomer to porn, Jacob Marteny has started to make the rounds quickly. He’s worked with Colt, where he took Devin Moss’ giant cock in a bottoming scene. He’s also shot a few scenes with Next Door, as well; he filmed with Johnny Torque, along with Jesse Jordan (who we pair him with again in an upcoming scene on BoyCrush).

While on a greyhound bus from Montreal to Toronto this past weekend, I conducted a brief interview with Jacob through text. It was either that or ask him how Devin Moss’ big dick felt on the phone and…I didn’t want to suffer the incredulous looks from my fellow passengers. I didn’t expect the exceptionally long, detailed replies that I got. Usually, you ask a model about an older scene and half the time they can’t even remember the name of their partner let alone fine details. But! As much as it meant more work for me, I appreciated Jacob’s thoroughness with his answers.

Oh, and yes, I did edit his answers–only to add in punctuation/correct spelling! I didn’t think anyone wanted to read text-speak.

You shot with Devin Moss for Colt. Devin’s known for…well, pretty much exclusively for his giant dick. How was filming the scene? I know you’re versatile, had you taken a cock that big before?

Ha ha, well, it was fun working with him for the fact I love men with big cocks. He’s a nice, funny guy, and was very easy to work with. It was fun hanging out with him before and after the shoot, too. Too bad the shoot went by so fast, I could’ve taken that big fat cock of his for a lot longer. It felt really good, he was hitting all the right spots if you know what I mean..

And no, that wasn’t the first time I have taken a big cock like his. But, on set, when we first started I was so shocked a white boy like him had such a big cock. I was a bit scared to bottom, and it took for ever to get in, but over a few minutes it went in and we got to the rough sexy fun.

Haha, oh I bet…You shot with Jesse Jordan for Next Door and recently shot with him again for us. Did you find things went differently working with a model more than once? Do you remember much of your scene with Jesse for ND?

Yes, I worked with Jesse Jordan in my first porn shoot ever first with Next Door Studios. He is a chill, nice guy but shy some times…he is for sure a one of a kind guy, anyone would be lucky too shoot with him. The second round of getting to shoot with him was cool, I would of never thought I would shoot with the same person again. I think the second time around got even better; I bottomed for him the first time, our second time around shooting with each other it was his turn to take my thick 8″ cock.

It’s cool when you’re able to build a rapport with someone, sometimes it helps when they’re not a total stranger! You also shot with our new exclusive, Ryan Sharp, how was that? Do you think you’d ever go exclusive with a studio or do you prefer the freedom of working with whoever you want?

Yeah, it’s a lot more fun to shoot with someone that you have before, it’s a lot easier and there is just more chemistry between both models.

Yes, I got to work with your new exclusive model, Ryan Sharp, he is so adorable and fun to work with. It was cool, we clicked right off the bat and worked really good together. We got to spend time and hang out with each other doing our shoot week. We both have a htc evo phone, I have a black one and he has a white one. We switched the back of each others phone case covers so we can have some thing to remind us of our time together and a start of a new friendship. And I got him too swim naked with me, he thought it was funny how I tan naked with olive oil. For someone who is younger then me (he just turn 18 this year) he is very mature. I hope too hang out with him when I’m back in San Diego and can go visit him in LA.

Would I ever go exclusively with a company? Yes, if the money was right and I felt like it would up my career as a porn actor and benefit me. But I do love my freedom, there are so many site I have always wanted to work for that I haven’t had a chance with yet… But sometimes it’s better to be tied down with a really good company.

Aww, the phone thing is so cute, I love it. I’m glad you had so much fun with him, we’re excited to have him. And we’re excited about the scenes you shot for us, too! I’ve been going through a lot of the video and photos, they’re really excellent. Thank you for answering and being so thorough, you did a bang up job!

Thanks, I always try to give my all with my work, to give and show my fans that I’m always up for just about anything. They always say if you’re not into the person or not having a good time it shows on camera. I like to think I’m good at playing it off like my scene partner is my boyfriend or a hot hook up. If you’re going to make porn, you gotta do it right. If people aren’t watching or talking about it or getting off to it then what was the point of making it, right?

You’ll be able to see Jacob Marteny on BoyCrush as well as our other affiliated sites; Phoenixxx and Gay Life Network sites such as Lollipop Twinks. As I mentioned before, you’ll be able to catch his second encounter with Jesse Jordan on BoyCrush in the not so distant future.

with Jesse Jordan for BoyCrush

He’ll also be popping up on Phoenixxx.com in a scene with Preston Ettinger, plus his first ever threeway with Jake Steel and Alex Andrews.

Jacob shows off his lapdance-skills with Preston Ettinger on Phoenixxx

Jake Steel and Alex Andrews pop Jacob’s threesome-cherry on Phoenixxx

As for his Lollipop Twinks scene with our boy Ryan Sharp, no pictures! I’m keeping that one a surprise for now. But! I don’t like to tease, so how about these fun beach shots of Jacob in his BoyCrush-panties?

porn models are just like us! they too look nervous and uncomfortable covered in disgusting kelp

impurely imaginary
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