The latest from BareTwinks: Kyler Moss + Preston Andrews + Roxy Red = kinky fun times!

This little threesome will always be special to me, it was the first gay porn scene I ever watched be filmed (which was a dream almost ten years in the making). It’s likely not one Kyler Moss will never forget, either! In this kinky threeway, Preston Andrews and Roxy Red popped his porno cherry.

The whole idea of this scene is that maniacal little Roxy has poor Kyler tied up as a gift for Preston. He, of course, can’t help but playfully torture Kyler until Preston makes it home and the real fun begins.

My major complaint isn’t with the scene, but rather the fact that I’ve been asking to receive an 18 year old boy as a gift forever. Have I ever gotten one? No. Next year is my quarter-century birthday, maybe I’ll finally get my boy wrapped in a big red bow.

If you’re into spanking at all like I am, you’ll love watching Roxy paddle the hell out of Kyler. An ass all tender and rosy from spanking might as well be the flapping red cape of a matador. You know, because the sight fills me with maddening lust…and I start making weird animal noises.

I know it’s hard to tear your eyes away from the general cock and hole area, but I recommend you try for this scene. If you’re paying close attention, you’ll notice the occasional grin sneak onto Kyler’s face. It sells the whole scene for me. Nothing cranks up the heat quite like seeing a model sincerely enjoy himself.

Give-away smiles aside, and back in the general cock and hole area, all three boys have fantastic cumshots.

Fact: thick, milky cum is flattering on any skin tone!

time for some “behind the scenes” pic spam!

Kyler Moss & Roxy Red waiting around before the shoot.

my hippie love, Preston.

Kyler looking full of piss & vinegar!

the hottest action always happens between Andy Kay’s legs.

impurely imaginary
Erynn Vaehne

PS: Kyler Moss has some of the bed sex-hair ever (I know for a fact his bedhead is also amazing).

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