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BoyCrush After Dark Pt 6

Check out the 6th installment of our BoyCrush After Dark Youtube show featuring a few fun moments from our Sedona trip. Check out our channel for other #WtWTA promos and get your copy October!

So Andy Kay is telling a story about a movie and Jason Valencia, Phillip Ashton & Benjamin Riley are all listening, Phillip is playing with a harness we used for the movie (he’s distracted). Alex jordan is filming this piece and it seems its about two animals having sex and one eats the other or something like that lol! It cuts to Andy Kay Djing for us cause we were in the middle of nowhere, and the neighbors where clear of the music. Then we get to Billy London and his alter ego (Dashaqweetra Probalone Jackson) sitting in her house in Sedona, AZ where she shows off the nature, dirt (the best part), grassy stuff, animals & bugs that are trying to lay eggs in his weave and getting all in his ass. This is just some of the random ass stuff we get when on trips or shoot weeks.

BoyCrush AfterDark Pt 5

In this behind the scenes clip we have all the boys who are in Where The Wild Twinks Are! A XXX Parody getting their custom made costumes and trying them all on. Jason Valencia seems to be the most excited with all the commentary from him LOL! BIlly London well he “just can’t” as you can here him say, JR Adams sitting on the little bed besides the master just smiles and looks LOL! Benjamin Riley is all about his costume in this clip, but after the movie told me “he never wanted to see that costume again!” LOL!!! Alex Jordan is like iffy about the entire thing and puts on a nervous smile and laugh with the entire thing. These are the moments you gotta love capturing for you all to see what really goes on behind the scenes during our shoot weeks.

Boycrush After Dark 5 – Where the Wild Twinks Are Costumes brought to you by PornHub

BoyCrush After Dark!

Boycrush’s new PG-13 rated behind the scenes vlog featuring all our new models on location during shoots. Check out the fun and watch all the hot action on Boycrush! Check out the boys Jasper Robinson, Jason Valencia, Ryker Madison, Phillip Ashton, Billy London, Tanner Sharp & Andy Kay.



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