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Los Angeles Gay Pride!

I wanted to write a detailed blog about our trip to LA for Los Angeles Pride but I have way to much to do to write a descriptive blog like that! So Im going to post the pictures from our trip instead! There would be more but Jacobey doesnt seem to have time to send anyone pictures after Ive asked several times…. So I hope you crushies enjoy these pictures from our little trip!photo-9photo-2photo-8photo-16photo-15photo-12photo-10photo-11photo-1
For some reason it wont let me put up the rest of the pictures so Im going to just add them to our tumblr page, I hope you guys enjoy and follow us on twitter and tumblr for all the other exposed fun we post on their 🙂 Have a great day/night crushies!


Hey Crushies!

I just wanted to let you all know that we will be back to posting on the blog very soon, we have updates and a few new things for you all to see when we do shoot weeks here at the studio. Yes its been a long time since we last updated the blog we’ve def neglected it and we are very sorry, we have some back page stuff (pics and videos) to sort out and get it back to running. Just wanted to to get you all up to date and to let you know we haven’t forgot about the blog at all!

Boycrush’s 80s XXX Parody – Jasper Robinson’s Day Off

Jasper Robinson stars in Boycrush Studios’ biggest parody release of the new year, featuring some of the hottest stars of 2013 including Ryker Madison, Kyler Ash, and Jordan Thomas (all in major roles). Jasper pulls off this parody of everyone’s favorite 80s movie with unusually good acting for an XXX film. He makes this movie incredibly entertaining aside from containing some of the sexiest, ball-slappiest hardcore scenes released on Boycrush! Get your copy today at!


Jasper Robinson wakes up with a hard dick and an itch to go out and make a mark on the city before the school year comes to an end. He gets out of school with a fake case of the flu, calls up his best friends (played by Jordan Thomas & Ryker Madison) and heads out on the town, encountering hot boys (Aaron Stang & Robbie Anthony) and letting them fuck his meaty ass silly. The plot thickens when school principal Kyler Ash goes after him to teach him a lesson and with a second STEAMY surprise ending, this should be at the top of your list of movies to watch in 2014 (also stars Phillip Ashton, Andy Kay, Mitch Vaughn, and more in non-sexual roles as Jasper’s family). Watch the trailer below!

Jasper Robinson's Day Off XXX Parody Trailer – Boycrush Studios brought to you by PornHub

One boy’s fight for freedom & the perfect fuck! Jasper Robinson’s Day Off – Out January 21st, 2014!



NEW BOYCRUSH RELEASE: Goth Boys & Emo Twinks

Most fetishes have existed for millenia, however there’s one that has only existed for the last twenty years or so. That fetish is Emo boys (an evolution of Goth style combined with 21st century sensitivity) and its here to stay. When it comes to these boys there’s only one thing they like more than their long hair and pale skin and that’s fucking. Watch as these hotties fuck their feelings away in this special Boycrush Studios release. Starring unforgettable Emo Boycrush models like Miles Pride, Roxy Red, Preston Andrews and many more!

Get your copy today at!

BoyCrush After Dark Pt 6

Check out the 6th installment of our BoyCrush After Dark Youtube show featuring a few fun moments from our Sedona trip. Check out our channel for other #WtWTA promos and get your copy October!

So Andy Kay is telling a story about a movie and Jason Valencia, Phillip Ashton & Benjamin Riley are all listening, Phillip is playing with a harness we used for the movie (he’s distracted). Alex jordan is filming this piece and it seems its about two animals having sex and one eats the other or something like that lol! It cuts to Andy Kay Djing for us cause we were in the middle of nowhere, and the neighbors where clear of the music. Then we get to Billy London and his alter ego (Dashaqweetra Probalone Jackson) sitting in her house in Sedona, AZ where she shows off the nature, dirt (the best part), grassy stuff, animals & bugs that are trying to lay eggs in his weave and getting all in his ass. This is just some of the random ass stuff we get when on trips or shoot weeks.

Boycrush Studios Signs Benjamin Riley to 1 Year Exclusive Contract

Boycrush Studios Signs Benjamin Riley to 1 Year Exclusive Contract

The last half of 2013 definitely goes to Boycrush in the twink sector. Aside from releasing four huge titles including two parodies (Twink Scouts, parody: Jasper Robinson’s Day Off, parody: Where the Wild Twinks Are, and Bustin Beeber part 2 starring Kyler Moss) the studio also signed young hottie Benjamin Riley as the newest exclusive to the studio. Benjamin is 5’6, 110 lbs with a great body and head of hair to go with it. Check out his initial interview as well as a hot duo with Jason Valencia this week on

Phillip Ashton: “Benjamin Riley is totally what BoyCrush looks for in a twink, hes barely looking like hes 18, slim and has that look to him that yells TWINK! He’s going to be a great addition to our studio and we cant wait to show his skills to y’all!”

Benjamin Riley: “Hey you guys! I am Boycrush Studios’ newest exclusive model Benjamin Riley! I am so excited for all of the exciting projects that Boycrush has in store for me over the next year! Make sure to keep up with me on twitter @Benjaminriley7 and stay tuned for upcoming camshows on

Check out Benjamin’s first two scenes on and and stay tuned for lots of live shows and hot vids to come!

Much Love,

Andy Kay
Boycrush Studios

Where Are They Now?

Hey Crushies,

This is Phillip Ashton 🙂

I’ve been thinking about doing a “where are they now” for you loyal fans of BoyCrush. Im sure everyone wants to know what Miles Pride is doing or Ryan Sharp or even back in the days with Ryan Steele or Angel Kelly. What would y’all think about doing something like this? It would be fun to actually see if they’ll interview and see if they will ever come back to shoot with us or just be in porn again. I just wanted to see how y’all as fans thought about this idea cause I think its amazing and would be so much fun!



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Jasper, Ryker & Jordan 3 way! Jasper Robinson’s Day Off XXX Parody

In our last parody we did (Jasper Robinson’s Day Off) we paired Jasper Robinson, Ryker Madison & Jordan Thomas together for a sizzling hot 3 some! Jasper was the bottom (of course) along with Jordan & Ryker who tag teamed him or what they call spit roasted him and took turns on that ass! It starts off in “Hanks Hookah Cafe” where the boys are talking about letting Ryker join in on some fun with Jordan and Jasper, Ryker doesn’t get the slang and Jasper pulls him over and lets him know the deal. The boys undress Ryker and well the magic happens with big cocks tight holes and fucking galore!

Jasper, Jordan, & Ryker FUCK – Jasper Robinsons Day Off, a xxx parody brought to you by PornHub



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