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The Animated Future of Porn: A 2013 Report

– by Andy Kay
June 7, 2013

In my first search for videos and websites featuring animated xxx material, about 4 results down was a website entitled, “Animated Babe Gets Fucked By Well-Endowed Green Monsters.” Now, this is probably not too surprising compared to some of the pairings these sites drum up; however, it still was pretty weird seeing what looking like a 12 year old get plowed by several creatures from the black lagoon. They start with some foreplay, tittie fucking, etc. and move to hardcore anal and vaginal penetration that completes the video (with some big, white animated cumshots). This video was free (probably just for promotional purposes or because its shock value was more beneficial than anything else) and was a perfect example of animated porn.


One thing I don’t think many people realize about these videos is, although the entire video was created with a computer, the audio track had to be put together later; either by voiceover artists or cutting up old video’s sound and placing it over the new video. The latter seems less likely, seeing as how the video I mentioned in the first paragraph required the voice of a small preteen and several large swamp monsters. They don’t half-ass that stuff; the audio is meant to entertain just as much as the video is.

First, here’s some legal info: In the United States, cartoon porn that doesn’t feature minors generally falls under the category of speech protected by the First Amendment. Even when minors or characters that appear to be underage are shown, the US Supreme Court has found that in certain conditions, banning the image or video may violate freedom of expression. Most websites get around this by simply not mentioning that the character in question is underage. Simply calling them a “babe” or even a “girl” seems to waive that issue. In 2002, the Supreme Court struck down a law that focused on that same issue, saying that if the video does not actually feature real children, banning the video violates the creator’s First Amendment Rights to Free Speech. The Court stated that Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 was “overbroad” and “infringed on established protections of material with artistic value that does not violate community standards.” Even more surprising, the results of the court proceedings also read that the idea of teenagers engaging in sexual activity is a fact of modern society and “has been a theme in art and literature for centuries.” This follows the Supreme Court’s past decisions, commonly supporting porn’s right to do basically anything they way as long as it doesn’t get “too” gross or feature any real underage person.


All of that being said, the animated porn industry has even more freedom than regular porn companies do. Without having to pay models, worry about 2257 forms and releases (aside from voice actors), testing and stds, and basically any other vital part of making adult movies, these companies have hardly any overhead or costly, per-scene expenses. Even when it comes to paying voice actors and animators, they don’t have to worry about big stars (although featuring the voice of a famous star might boost sales in theory, would people even be able to tell the difference?) or flying them around the country. They may not have the benefit of “free” advertising from popular models’ tweets, etc., but if properly advertised, they could easily make up for it. However, there doesn’t seem to be a major “brand name” cartoon porn site out there. I read on several sites about a company called “Jizzney,” who’s Disney Parody adult cartoon movies were supposed to be the most popular. The company has since disappeared or changed its name, probably due to Disney’s Nazi-esque copyright gestapo.

When it comes to Gay animated porn, the pickings are slim. Most sites feature at least one female or female-esque character, however this photo-montage of someone’s favorite adult cartoon parodies shows that you can find it out there.

Cartoon Gay Compilation brought to you by PornHub

The site that the photos in the montage are from (Just Cartoon Dicks) is interesting in itself. Like a 90s pornsite, the content is all photo-based (and happens to be completely gay.) The site features man on man action between everyone from Spiderman to George Jetson (and his boss). Most feature the characters in a state of unbridled ecstasy, all of them in the “Tom of Finland” style. Even more entertaining, they even go so far as to feature “out-there” characters from shows like The Venture Brothers and Johnny Bravo. All that is topped off with a sweet $39.95 purchase price. For you artists out there, this site is looking for people with talent to help them with their content (Instructions).


Another site (which I dismissed at first as a simple affiliate site, but saw later being advertised on Porhub) called Gay Anime. This site features only videos of men (all who look of age, although there are some bulkier characters whos size makes them look pretty unreal along with the fish creature in an underwater scene.) One scene that I focused on (featuring an insanely unreal fuck machine) was a little . . . I guess painful looking? The dildo pounded that buff guy’s ass with what looked like some serious horsepower. That aside, the voice acting sounded accurate and the animation wasn’t painful to watch. Is it something I could get off to? Maybe, its not my preference but if porn were ever banned it would be a decent subsitute.


A second website (another site that advertises on some tube sites) features gay animated videos, but promotes them as Yaoi (Japanese term for gay or lesbian animated/fictional media) and leads to This site has an even worse design, no tour, and charges $29.95 at the site’s entrance for an unknown number of videos. Below is a featured video, although the site isn’t so fantastic, the video is very up to par compared to others like it. Kind of a shame that the site doesn’t match the content’s production value.

Three hottie anime guys having sex party brought to you by

Another thing I noticed from these sites is that they seem to feature either all photos or all videos. This actually makes a lot of sense since the production requirements are completely different. A company that features only photos would need artists and graphic designers who can make drawings look legitimate while also making them from scratch. A company that features only videos would need animators who can design and build 3-D characters who can act out full (approximately 20 minute) porn videos and then hire vocal performers or (for those on a budget) just someone who doesn’t mind making sex sounds for a half hour that match up with the video in question. One thing I also think is pretty worth mentioning is that the site claims to have 53,000 animated videos. To put that in perspective, has about 1000 videos, posting two a week for about 8 years. Even if they started in 1993, they’d still need to produce 2,650 videos a year (or 220 a month to get to that point). I don’t know if that number is true, however the ability to produce these scenes must be pretty cheap (possibly outsourced).


Now that I’ve given you all the information on my findings, let me give you the reason for doing the research in the first place. Although there are 20+ gay sites I came across and didn’t mention, the bulk of the animated industry is pretty empty of updated porn websites with good tours and quality affiliate content. Although I’d consider the sites I mentioned as above-average, I beleive this industry is just waiting for someone with professional porn experience to come in and clean house. I beleive a lot of money could be made with a branded, well advertised and well produced website featuring animated content. A webmaster could charge a good amount and have perhaps more protection from the government than norma”” real-life” porn sites do. When it comes to the fish people and octopuses, I’m not sure if they convert to sales, however I’m positive they draw people to their websites and sometimes that’s all it takes. Plus it creates another incredibly entertaining and completely ridiculous way for people to get off . . . and really, that’s what it’s all about.